SMASH THE SYSTEM, Mr. Fang strikes Back! is demoversion of game that we are not sure if we should continue working on. The game is available to download for free on (here) and was completelly created for n8Jam GameJam in just one week by only one person (Tesak).

Right now we consider this game to be just experiment that we decided to share with the world and we don’t have any plans to complete the game right now. But you change that by voting bellow!

Please keep in mind that the game is not finished and we are not sure if we should finish it or not – for that reason nobody is really working on that game right now. If you feel like we should complete this game, please vote and join our Discord server and let us know! : )

The game is sidescrolling action shooter with some story elements. Visit the game’s page on to learn more!
Get the game for free here:

Mr Fang (you) is tasked with stealing the latest miracle of technology, the STY prototype, but the new owner (criminal organisation known as „SYSTEM„) does not like that. Can you survive, destroy all 5 bosses and liberate the star system?

Shell this game make it to full production?