About us

Welcome traveler! We are glad to see you here. It seems like you would like to learn more about us.

We are two friends (namely Tesák & Rasťo) from Czech Republic and Slovakia. We both enjoy playing both computer and tabletop games and we always wanted to make our own games.

We already published two games (Puzzle Pieces and Walker of Aldenor). These games were developed by Tesák with some help from our other friends (mainly Daniel, who created the whole Puzzle Pieces trailer and music for Walker of Aldenor. And others. You can see the full list here).

Because there are some rules to follow and laws to obey, Tesák had to leave his job and create an limited liability company (Tesaks Entertainment) just to be able to release our games in the future.

Beside these two released games already mentioned. We are both working on more games. We are going to announce these games once we will be sure the concept isn’t going to change drastically – or you can check out our media to see if we have something else comming.