Walker of Aldenor

IMPORTANT NEWS: Development of Walker of Aldenor has been abandoned due to compatibility issues with latest Android versions by the end of 2023. It’s still available on Google Play but native Android’s Step Counter does not work. The game still can be played with legacy Step Counter powered by accelerometer. For this reason I withdrew all monetisation from the game as it can no longer provide full experience.

There might be future updates resolving this issues but at this momment I am focusing on different projects.

Walker of Aldenor, formerly known as Project: Walker is game that will make you walk! This game plays unlike most other games. Mouse and keyboard, gamepad nor precise hands for your touchscreen are not required. This game is played by your movement and on top of that this game don’t neccesaryly require internet connection or GPS to be turned on.

You’ll be put into the skin of trapper whos horse ran away with all his possesions. Stucked in the middle of nowhere and with no tools, you have to take care of yourself. Also, there is something sinnister lurking around in the surrounding woods. Will you survive?

So what can you expect from this game? Walking! This game is all about walking. You, as player, have to take care of yourself, build yourself safe place to sleep, get yourself something to eat and craft some tools in order to ease the hard work. All this is achieved by walking and carefully managing available resources. BUT don’t get too confortable, because there is something evil waiting just for you!

Cool? Now for some screenshots!

Right now the game is in Beta phase (which means that we are testing and balancing the hell out of it). All the functionalities are implemented, graphics ready to be used and every feature is working (as you can see on screenshots, some details still needs to be tweaked or changed. But the overall look and feel of the game is set and done).

So, what can the game bring on release?

This comes in the presence of consuming rations. You can find rations durring gathering or explorations, but it is rare commodity.

You’ll have to think about which resources to spend on what.

You gotta do something with all these resources, right? And what is better than spending them on better place to live in, better ways to protect yourself or better tools.

Well, it is not combat in the right sense, because you’re going to be on the receiving side and with that it is better to be prepared. Build walls, traps and other usefull tools to defend yourself every time you attract too much unwanted attention.

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