Puzzle Pieces

Are you waiting in queue? For bus? In Matchmaking in your favorite game or are you just bored? Well I got something for you! Puzzle Pieces is a easy to learn but hard to master game that will put both your reflexes and perception to test!

Steam version for PC available!

For detail please visit the game’s Steam page.

Sounds interesting? There are few screenshots!

In Puzzle Pieces you controll the center piece by simply swiping on any handheld device. And with W,A,S,D or Arrows on PC (or your phone, if you are willing to plug keyboard – we don’t judge). Also any controller should work as well .. but that’s not guaranteed because it wasn’t tested). Your goal is to match as many puzzles as posible. Got it right? The score and dificulty increases. Failed to match? Well your Puzzle Piece is now shattered. But you can always restart and try again!

Interested? Check out this trailer that our friend put together for us!

What is stated above is the basic version of Puzzle Pieces, the old one that I wanted to release nearly year and a half ago! But I improved it! Now .. you can modify the game to your desires (well .. not really. Kinda). Yea .. that’s quite overstatement, but I added bunch of skins for all Puzzles and few for backgrounds + some dynamic effects that you can activate if you like it. These new features are pure cosmetics and on Android can be unlocked by watching ads (I had to leave my work for this game to be released after all … so I would like to not starve to death). The PC version is gonna be paid game, so all these features gonna be unlocked by default. PC version will be also released on Steam and it will take slightly longer than the Android version.

Word from author – Tesák.

I always enjoyed making table top games for my friends, and with that I got the idea that it would be fun to try and make some PC or Mobile game as well. And Puzzle Pieces is just that, it is the first game I ever created and acutally finished. It’s the game that I learned on how to make games and I tried to be little innovative as well. I mean, there are tons of puzzle games ranging from puzzle fighting games, puzzle escape games etc. But have you ever heard about matching game that isn’t stereotypical match 3 game? Also there is nothing wrong with typicall match 3 game. In fact I chosed match 3 game as my new project. Anyway I wanted to make easy to learn game and I ended up with Puzzle Pieces – the easy to learn, offline game about matching pieces of jigsaw puzzles. And I have to admit that I had ton of fun making the game and I learned a lot. And I am happy that after 3 years of development and struggles I finally managed to release it so the rest of the world can try it as well.

Latest news regarding Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces officially released!

Huge update with new skin and other requested features – (e.g.: new controll scheme)!

Puzzle Pieces approved by Valve to be released on Steam. Expected release day: 02.04.2021!