Gems Defenders

Gems Defenders is story driven Match 3 Game with Tower Defense and RPG elements. Unlike with other simmilar games your goal is not to just finish another level or get highest score possible. In Gems Defenders you’r goal is to help new settlers build the settlement of Dylan from small camp into proper town. There is a catch – you are not alone.

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Gems Defenders Inichen


Meet Inichen & Nande – two stubborn heroes that are ready to face any danger and they need your help! Becuse there are many dangers in the world of Aldenor and humans are just part of it.

Gems Gems Defenders


Matching gems is crucial part of the game as it’s the main way you can influence the heroes and help them on the battlefield. Without your help their fall is inevitable and they are the only think standing between the Dylan and never ending hordes of enemies.

Mage Tower


Develop Dylan from small camp into proper town with all the main buildings. This way you’ll be able to upgrade defences, get some support on the battlefield and improve the equipment of your heroes!

The game is in Closed Beta right now and thus you can’t play it yet. This is the part where I will answer frequently asked questions.

When is Gems Defenders expected to be released?

This is tough question. I am working on Gems Defenders alone. The game have been in development since early 2021 and as of early June 2022 it’s playable and is being tested. I am not sure when the game will be released to the public. But I do expect it to be released near the end of 2022.

What is Beta phase

It’s a development phase during which everything is already implemented but still needs a lot of polishing Also quality of life stuff are added during this phase as well as the animations and graphics are usually reworked during this phase. This is usually lenghty process that needs atleast few months of work.

Will there be any testing phase open to public prior to release?

No. I am not against open testing, but no.

What about Apple release?

Apple charges Developers unreasonable fees to release both free and paid games. Unless the game will be hit – no. There won’t be Apple release. I would rather put this kind of money towards better equipment for the company.

Do you have any public media where I can see any updates on the development?

Yes. I am making weekly recaps on the development in form of Devlogs on YouTube. Follow the link by clicking here. Alternatively channel name is: Tesaks

You can also visit my
Instagram (tesaksentertainment)
Twitter (@tesaks2)
or Facebook page (/Tesaks)

I am posting regularely here as well. Not as often as on YouTube though.

I still have unanswered Questions …

Join me on Discord and ask me directly there. I’ll be more than happy to answer any question related to development of my games.